måndag 11 juli 2016

Snowbengals and charcoalbengals

We have a new keeper and her name is S*Svedbergakulle Ziva and she is a wonderful Brownspotted girl that also is Charcoal. Ziva Carries the snowgene so we will use her in our "snowprogram" and we hope she will give us some beautiful babykittens next spring. ( 2017 )

At the bottom you can also see her bigbrother S*Svedbergakulle Zorro and he is a big boy that soon will start to mate.

If you are interrested in a kitten from us please contact us at svedbergakulle@gmail.com or visit our webpage at www.svedbergakulle.se or www.bengal.se

ZIVA as a baby


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