torsdag 28 april 2016

Två superfina pojkar till sällskapshem

Lexi & Jeppes två pojkar utvecklas fint och dom är väldigt sociala och trevliga.

Pojke 1 / ledig
 Pojke 1
 Pojke 2 / ledig
 Pojke 2

fredag 22 april 2016

Birthdayparty !

Svedbergakulle Katching Katching and the gang 3 years today!!

We love our babies but they are not babies anylonger..

Katching is a fantastic mother and a very clever and beautiful girl

lördag 16 april 2016

More news from Finland

Sebba was also nominated / NOM for the finals tomorrow Sunday and its is possible to see the final at this link from 0830 Swedish time

Scandinavian Winner Show / Helsinki Finland 2016 04 16-17 WOWOWOW!!

Jeanette is at the Scandinavian Winner Show in Helsinki / Finland and the results are amazing!!

Our homebred superboy S*Svedbergakulle Sebastiano / Champion, Best In Variety / BIV Total
and also Nr1 adult fertile Brownspotted  ( n 24 ) male / Judge is Marianne Roth / Finland

                                                                Klick for larger image!

måndag 11 april 2016

Great news / Skärholma Gård

The babies from Diaz & Darky is doing just fine and the curve of developing is straight to the sky :)

The two brown boys are developing as we predict but the other two babies are surprising us big time.

The charcoalgirl is extraordinary cute. And she will be hard to let go. We will dna-test her to see if she carries the snowgene and we hope that she can give a lucky breeder snowbabies one day.

The minkboy started as an almost snow white litte boy but after a few days he started to become darker in the markings and an almost Zorrolike mask appeared and now we are sure that he is a Minkcharcoalboy and that is very exciting to us

Visit webpage /

lördag 2 april 2016

Diaz & Darky babies 14 days

Boy 1

                                                    Boy 2

                                          Girl / Charcoal

Boy / Mink